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The idea of creating the andr0meda.com domain and website has been in my head for a long time, and the project has taken up to 6 years to materialize. That the site has finally materialized today in this form is purely coincidental, and no giraffe`s were harmed in the process. Some sort of a change log for this entire site is kept up to date here.


andr0meda.com is my personal safe-haven for my digital creativity. The content is intended as an anekdotal collage of unimportance in various forms, and of course the deeper meaning of all that sort of thing revolves purely - and only - around existentialism. (But you knew that, right?) And if you don`t like it, the suggestion could be that you either kill yourself slowly or otherwise fuck off.


The domain was registered with the loonies at register.com. The site resides with the good folks of servage.net. Macromedia`s Dreamweaver was used to edit CSS , PHP, JS and HTML files, and as a source of inspiration for templates. Adobe`s Photoshop was used to generate all web PNG images. The site has been exstensively tested in Mozilla`s Firefox and Microsoft`s InternetExplorer. Apart from a browserdetection routine in javascript, everything else is written in CSS, which was quite an adventure on it`s own.


As you can hopefully see, I provided some very general labels on the left in the spacy-looking menu layer. The layout of this site was inspired by the M31 Andromeda Galaxy which is exactly 1 Megaparsec from Earth, but before you think that I pay tribute to any sort of gay sci-fi series, all trekkies should be shot and their dresses mocked by the entire galaxian public audience. And now, a word from our sponsor: I hope to stuff the site with short stories, images, photos, quotes, and all sorts of other crap that my far too restless mind may come up with. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. See the Bio for more on me and all the issues you think I may be having..

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